Surge 1.8 - Fixed Locations

August 12, 2016

We have released version 1.8 of Surge today. This version supports changing the active location from your current position to a fixed postion.

A fixed location can be selected from the active location menu in lower right hand corner of the app. When you add a new location, it will be saved in the list of fixed locations, allowing you to easily toggled between fixed locations. Free users can save one fixed location, and Premium users can save an unlimited number of fixed locations.

If you were using Surge before we were forced to remove support for multiple locations, your old locations will now show up in the active location menu, allowing you to use one of them as your active locaiton.

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Primetime is Out

August 08, 2016

Our Lyft version of Surge is now available in the AppStore. The app is called Primetime and you can download it at the link below.

Primetime is built with the same technology that we used for Surge and provids the same experience that you know and love from using Surge, for Lyft.

Lyft is onboard with Primetime and they have no problems with our usage of the API, unlike Uber. We are happy to be able to help Lyft drivers with the support of Lyft.

Download Primetime

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Surge Lives On

July 06, 2016

We have decided to continue on with Surge after enough users expressed interest in having a version which only supports monitoring your current location. So today we have released version 1.7, which only supports monitoring your current location.

You will be able to monitor your current location in the foreground for free. If you want to monitor your current location in the background and recieve notifications for when a surge starts, changes, or ends, you will need to have a premium membership. We have lowered the cost of the premium membership to $2.99 per month.

If Uber changes their terms, allowing monitoring multiple locations, we will bring back the previous functionality.